- an integrated eCommerce solution

65% of business owners dealing in wholesale and retail networks are willing to shift from traditional sales channels and expand beyond to self-determine what they would want to purchase and sell to their customers to increase their profitability. Each enthusiastic business owners are looking out for reliable partners, who would want to engage with B2B suppliers, offering user-friendly online ordering features in replacement of phone calls coordination and forceful salesmen. The COVID-19 pandemic has positively surprised the digital inclination of B2B buyers with a whopping increase in B2B digital sales by 10.9% globally.

In compliance with the modern Nepali market, we bring to you PEDAL B2B to enable your business capability to the next level. We provide solutions to the industries:

  1. FMCG Products Distribution
    1. Food & Beverage
    2. Health & Beauty Wellness
    3. Baby Care
    4. Home & Kitchen Needs
  2. Apparel & Fashion
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Import & Distribution
  5. Wholesale
  6. International Market

We are SAAS ecommerce software delivered as a cloud-based system that can be accessed through all types of web browsers. With individual admin login, an enterprise or a business house can now create multiple users and add-in unlimited retailers/B2B customers leveraging the Geo-tagging features to pin-point locations of delivery. That’s not it, our irresistible User Interface makes any potential customer understand and navigate the process of purchase on their first operation.

Either you are a new business or start-up, growing stage, planning a rapid expansion or matured market leader, Pedal B2B equips you the super power to escalate and scale your business in short time leveraging the digital transformation. You can now educate your customers about your offered products better than your competitors.

Empowered with hassle-free marketing, you can now reach out to customers who need:

  1. Unit-wise or bulk ordering
  2. Specific sizes / SKUs
  3. Save Time
  4. Reduce manual work and mistakes
  5. Customer Support & Loyalty
  6. Integral system

Being the owner of your business, you are empowered to create your own marketplace with automated sales processes between you, suppliers, and customers, saving overhead costs and reduced infrastructure. With the approach of omnichannel branded presence available 24/7, your business never sleeps to pick an order with the ability to cater mass market.
Above all, we assure you 0% transaction Fee for lifetime. Amongst the many full-features, you will have the power to:

  1. Create users and define their parametric roles
  2. Upload product with descriptions
  3. Register details of Retail/Wholesale outlets with geo tagging features
  4. Track Salesmen field activity on real-time basis
  5. Collect Orders through operators via order calling feature
  6. Keep track of Live Stock Inventory
  7. Set MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)
  8. Display different rates to Wholesalers, Retailers, or Special Customer and update on a click
  9. Bulk Purchase Discounting system
  10. Real-Time Order details
  11. Check Delivery Status
  12. Acknowledge Payments
  13. Arrange tags of displayed products
  14. Notify out of stock
  15. Handle Inquiry Tickets
  16. Evaluate marketing schemes
  17. Bundle combo offers
  18. Activate Flash Sales
  19. Evaluate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  20. Forecast through Brand-wise; Pack-wise Sales History
  21. Target Profit Maximization

With the access enabled to the retailers/wholesalers/potential customers, they can now review your offered products at any point of the day. Upon research, 36% B2B retailers want to place an order from 6-9am, 23% from 10-6pm, and 41% from 7-9pm. Upon ease of their feasibility, you can now ask them to order whatever time suits the best for them. The compelling features that Pedal B2B provides to your esteemed customers are:

  1. All contents in NEPALI
  2. Product Name; SKU details at a glance
  3. Search for desired products
  4. Choose through Categories
  5. Profitable Margin auto display
  6. Cost Price
  7. MRP (Maximum Retail Price)
  8. Product Picture & Descriptions
  9. Cart Details
  10. Order Confirmation
  11. Raise Tickets for any complain
  12. Check Pending & Delivered Order Details
  13. Evaluate Reports of Purchase
  14. Change Password
  15. Maintenance & Security

Our subscription-based pricing model helps you to activate your licensing plan and grow your business saving manpower costs and lowering overall total cost of ownership. Our 24*7 Customer Support team will help you throughout offering exceptional service.

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