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Email Marketing in Nepal

Pedal Group is the top email marketing agency for SMBs based in Nepal. We help our clients turn email marketing into a lead and revenue generating resource. With our email marketing strategy including design, coding, and copywriting with transparent reporting, we help our clients grow in sales, revenue and operations.

Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies to attract, generate, and nurture more leads. It has revolutionized communication drastically becoming the hottest ROI generator in the business. Most brands that have a digital marketing strategy incorporate email marketing services. However, the most trending question also remains “how to do email mailing?

As a digital marketing agency, we have become the best email marketing company making smart investment for any of our clients. Sending promotional emails, monthly newsletters, downloadable brochures, and many more, we have facilitated the intended consumers and business buyers interested in the brand, products, or services. We help save time for our clients by building, developing, launching and managing a custom email marketing strategy on a regular basis.

How we provide email marketing services?

Research is on the top of our to-do list. Based on the findings that we interpret from the valid questions; we then draft your custom email marketing strategy. Learn how now:

  1. Discover your competition

    We want you to stand out the best chance in your potential clients’ inbox. To beat the same, we’ll ask you about your competition, their clients, their brands, their offerings and more.
  2. Industry Analysis

    To create a successful email marketing campaign, we will need to know all the relevant knowledge about your industry.
  3. Explore Audience

    Based on the demographics and psychographics characteristics, we will then understand how your emails should look like, the tonality to promote, and the best way to sell your products and inform your audience in an email-based format.

Why should you invest on email marketing in Nepal?

Email marketing is definitely a smart investment as:

  1. 59% people are influenced by emails in their purchase decision
  2. 61% people prefer weekly promotional emails
  3. People spend 10-60 minutes reading their emails every week
  4. Almost 89% people check their emails at least once a day
  5. 45% subscribers are encouraged to visit your store/website
  6. 3/4th of Marketers say that target personalized emails increases customer engagement
  7. 6 times higher click-through-rates
  8. Email marketing drives more conversion than any other channels
  9. Retention rate of a customer is strongest through emails

Automated Marketing in Nepal through emails

We use predefined rules to trigger email messages based on specific actions customers take or don’t take. Email automation takes repetitive tasks off your busy schedule responding to customers to learn more about your brand, encourage them to revisit, or remind them where they left off.

We create the following emails as an email marketing agency:

1. Welcome Emails

Subscribers who have just opted in to be a part of your email list, it is a great way to tell them that you have acknowledged the request and are much excited to share information in a regular interval. These emails are kept short and sweet for customers who have just filled out a form in your website, your monthly newsletters, or signed up for a special offer.

2. “You’ve left something behind” Emails

Operating an e-commerce platform can be tedious, especially keeping a check on people who have abandoned items in their cart. These people can be reached automatically and easily by scheduling reminder emails about what they left in their cart and offer them a call-to-action button that takes them to the landing page making the conversion stress free and finally seal the deal.

3. Promotional Emails

Release of a new fashion collection, or a new car/motorcycle model can be promoted as an excitement filled promotional email. Including the photo of the product with the price can grab attention of your customer making them excited to review the product and visit your store. Information relating to upcoming events, where you are participating or hosting can intrigue your customers to come visit you. Coupons and special offers communicated through the email can bring wonderful sales results.

4. Weekly or Monthly Newsletters

Staying in touch with your customers always builds stronger relationships. Sending weekly or monthly newsletters keeps your customers up-to-date with what is happening at your company, be it new employees, new products or new events you’re hosting in the future. You stay top of the mind in your industry for sure.

How our email marketing management firm personalizes your emails?

Personalization of emails is of utmost important if you can want to spark the bonding with your customer. We ensure your email template looks extraordinary, captivating, original, and unique. We personalize emails in a number of ways:

  1. Subject line
  2. Custom Name
  3. Regional time-zone
  4. Past purchase references
  5. Interest affinity

Personalization of emails help your customers to feel that you know them and not feel that they have received an email on a specific day of the week sent to an entire long list.

What we offer as email marketing designs?

  1. We create customized templates for your email marketing designs
  2. We ensure fully targeted email templates to suit your email marketing campaigns
  3. We make attractive makeovers for enhance readability
  4. We follow high-quality and deadline work delivery
  5. We believe in user-friendly interface, professional layout with color compatibility, insightful navigation and subtle styling
  6. We prepare eye-catching email campaign templates
  7. We test HTML Templates in every browser before we roll-out the campaign

Why choose us as your email marketing management agency?

Affordable Pricing
Provide Email Testing
Provide Copywriting
Create and Implement Landing Pages
Split Test of Subject Lines
Manage Multiple Email Campaigns


Although it still has its rivals, it definitely still works. Those businesses that use email and do it well will experience higher revenue and a more cost-effective approach to their overall marketing.

The average opt-in rate of emails is 1.95 percent across all verticals. According to a report by Campaign Monitor, $44 is generated in return for every $1 spent on email marketing.

For your email marketing, also for promotional efforts, one of the most important things to note is permission. You need to make sure you have authorization for opt-in deals and other similar tactics from subscribers.

Here is how email marketing works:

  • Sign up for a tool for email marketing
  • Build a plan for email marketing
  • Create and grow your list of emails
  • Setup tasks for automation
  • Track and improve the efficiency of campaigns by A/B testing
  • 'Clean up' your email lists regularly

The ROI may be as high as 4400 percent for email marketing. For every dollar spent on an email marketing campaign, that's $44.

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