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Dynamic Website, Static Website, Landing Page, Ecommerce Website

A dynamic website is a site containing active pages such as scripts, templates, contents, etc. In short, a dynamic website demonstrates various content types in real-time every time it is browsed. The web page can be changed with the reader that opens the page, appeal of consumer interaction.

A static website contains information that does not change and remains the same, for each viewer of the site.

Strategizing online marketing, a landing page is a lead capture page or a destination page that appears in response to clicking on a focused marketing email, SEO search result, or an online advertisement.

Ecommerce websites are online portals that enable online business transactions of products and services through transferring needful information and monetary funds over the Internet.

Web Design & Website Development Agency

The website is an integral part of doing business in this digital age. Every business owner needs a website to showcase their offered product/s or service/s for the general audience to learn through the online presence.

Pedal Group is the best website design agency based in Nepal. We are a professional high-quality website builder that provides custom web design services to suit your need for a site or website development. If you are looking for a new website or redesign an existing website design, we guide you through the best methods in designing user experience and interface.

Our website development involves a rigorous process of writing markup and coding the intended web solution including content management system (CMS) to make content changes easier and available with basic technical skills. Being the experts as a best digital marketing agency, Pedal Group provides complete web design solutions including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), WordPress development, E-commerce development, digital marketing strategy, responsive web design, custom web design, social media marketing, and web marketing.

Why do you need a website?

Websites can be accessed on a range of devices by a user including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones through a web browser. In the current era, appealing web design can fulfill lead generation purpose and easily convert them to a buyer.


Communication skill is enhanced displaying a web design to serve needful information to the prospect/client. Information like details of a company, its products or services, contacts, blogs, and much more constructed to give necessary information about a business’s service/product can be listed and published. Pedal Group offers you a user-friendly content management system (CMS) to effectively change any content easily ready to handle with basic technical skills.

Building Community & Brand

Professional web design has the capacity to create a desired corporate identity of a business and delivers its brand message to the intended community. A creative web page design is a medium also for a better conversion rate, by which a company can achieve steady growth in sales and revenue. Moreover, user-friendly online web designs build brandmark and trust for products or services, which is essential to creating a stable, loyal customer base.

Flexibility in Experimenting

Enterprises who require to dominate online presence and wish to stay ahead of competitors require to look for an outstanding website design. Professional website design has brand colors and fonts, appropriate images, relevant icons, content, etc. elements that reflect the company's business values extensively. Thoughtful web page design is a need to engage visitors with user-friendly features and convert them into potential customers. Any small tweaks and quick changes can be easily adapted to experiment with the visitor’s behavior visiting the webpage.

What do we do?


Custom website development

Adapting innovative web applications tailor-made for your specific online business requirement, we make the website the way you want it to be.


Web Design

Speculating your business and user segments, we craft unique user experiences through best website designs unlike fixed templates like wix website or shopify, etc.


Domain Registration

Managing the reservation of internet domain names, we do domain registration in a simple, fast and affordable way.


Website Hosting

Authenticating the reliable web hosting, we post your website or web page onto the internet that provides trustworthy technologies and services needed to be viewed.


WordPress Development

Integrating the basic codes and infrastructure of the WordPress platform, we create, design, and build your WordPress websites.


Laravel Development

Utilizing the open-source PHP web framework, we develop web applications following the model-view-controller architectural pattern.


ECommerce Solutions

Initializing the electronic business in this digital age, we create the best UX storefront to help you sell your product or service online with a robust shopping cart solution.

SEO services

Getting most out of your website, we create and design websites with propelling search engine optimization to boost your site top ranking.


Website Maintenance

Updating security with regular maintenance to keep your site safe is our prime attention.

Our Proven Web Design & Development Process

1. Requirements

We work with you to understand the core purpose of building a website, either making it dynamic or simply informative. Does the highlighted product or service require online ordering or booking? Is any specific programming language a compulsion to seamlessly integrate with third-party APIs?

2. Concept / Idea / Research

After analyzing your actual web design requirement, we create a wireframe of the project based on your competitor analysis and suggestions that we procure. Through in-depth learning of the site, we calculate the time required for web development and present you with the most affordable cost/budget.

3. Interface design

On affirmation on the web development timeline and quotation, we proceed to design the best user interface (UX/UI) based on your company's brand guidelines and strategy. We focus the most on the navigation strategy to bring out the best GUI experience.

4. Web Development

On confirmation on the presented Front Interface, we proceed towards the coding section at our back end. We develop the most compatible content management system (CMS) and ensure seamless integration with the UX/UI design created.

5. Testing

After initial web development, we run the program and thoroughly test for any bugs/errors that may exist, if any. We rigorously test on the forms created and affirm on the responsive check on every webpage.

6. Upload to Server

If you own a web hosting space, we would require the hosting details to upload files and database with perfection. If not, we guide you to post your website or web page onto the internet that provides trustworthy web hosting technologies.

7. Optimize

Based on the pagespeed insights, we thoroughly put the website onto page speed test frequently and attain the best of optimization on google and pingdom to identify the website performance and availability monitoring.

8. SEO

We now work towards the search engine optimization by integrating Google Webmaster and Google Analytics to optimize on page and off page SEO. Our target remains to make the web page appear on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP) and remain the top ranking website.

9. Maintenance

We continuously work towards regularly checking your website for issues or mistakes and keeping it updated and relevant. We do this consistently to keep your website healthy, reassure continued traffic growth, and support your SEO and Google rankings.

Why choose us for designing your Website?

Excellence – Best Start-Up 2020
Affordable Cost
API Ready
Easy to Update
Fast Delivery
Quick Support
Experts Team
24X7 Support
We don’t work on fixed templates

Remarkable Web Design Features We Provide

Mobile-Friendly (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)
SEO Friendly
Quick Enquiry form
Google Map Integration
Social Media Icon Integration
Admin Panel for Self Changes
Free SSL for Lifetime
Free Live Chat
WhatsApp/Messenger API Integration
User Tracking System
1 Year Free Support
Delivery within defined Working Days

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