Point Of View

Point Of View is a visually driven business media seeking thoughtful perspective from the featured guests who are affiliated experts in their respective fields of business/industry regarding trending questions/queries in the market relating the same. In this program, we ask a subtle question to our esteemed guest relating to the field of Business, suggesting effective strategies to enhance in the field of marketing/sales or any other department-specific goals within 2-3 minutes to put across their intended thought relating the specific question.

Below are the clips of our admired guests contributing their opinions on specific questions asked at different interval of time:

For an advertising agency, a POV is the most important report generated to assist businesses with their media planning efforts to help clients evaluate their adverts options through effective marketing strategies. It starts by conversing advertising trends within the industry and pointing out which are the most feasible for the client. It focuses on the best mediums of advertisement to promote the company's products, services or causes. Considering the same, POV as a program devises to generate ideas and reflect thoughts by the industry leaders on a specific targeted question to enlighten viewers to opt-in to best media vehicles to incorporate for their effective marketing or advertisement strategy.

Seema Golchha, Director, Him Electronics & President, Zonta Club of Kathmandu

Seema Golchha

Director, Him Electronics & President, Zonta Club of Kathmandu

Mannsi Agrawal, Corporate Trainer

Mannsi Agrawal

Corporate Trainer

Siddhant Raj Pandey, Chairman/CEO, Business Oxygen Pvt. Ltd.

Siddhant Raj Pandey

Chairman/CEO, Business Oxygen Pvt. Ltd.

Latika Golyan, Business Entrepreneur

Latika Golyan

Business Entrepreneur

Ashish Agarwal, Country Manager, Godrej Consumer Products

Ashish Agarwal

Country Manager, Godrej Consumer Products

Dr. Rita Singh, Executive Director, ORACARE

Dr. Rita Singh

Executive Director, ORACARE

Ujaya Shakya, Managing Director, Outreach Nepal

Ujaya Shakya

Managing Director, Outreach Nepal

Shristi Khadka, Executive Director, Vatsalya Natural IVF

Shristi Khadka

Executive Director, Vatsalya Natural IVF

Hemant Puranik, CEO, THEE GO

Hemant Puranik


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