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Creative Agency In Nepal

Pedal Group is one of the leading advertising agencies in Nepal. We build a brand blending creativity with professionalism. We are an independent creative agency that believes in the power of storytelling. We solve real business problems using a strategic approach of smart advertising strategy that purports innovation beyond imagination.

Creative is the process of generating innovative ideas and executing them into reality. The simplistic approach of converting the meaningful vision of a brand to gain a share of voice through marketing campaigns becomes the real goal. The transmission that combines media of communication such as text, audio, animation, video, and graphic design represents creative multimedia.

We focus on our three competencies: Creative, Production, and Distribution. Working closely with our clients and brands to comprehensively meet their communication needs, we offer different mediums to establish storytelling for emerging media. And that is what makes us the leading Advertising agency in Nepal.


A brilliant advertising campaign focuses on a simple objective – Win Consumer’s Heart and Mind. Specialized in digital marketing, we are a digital creative and branding agency where we combine strategy, design copy, advertising, and research to maximize the reach of your brand’s communication. We build interactive solutions that attract, convert, and build trust with relevant prospects.

What can Pedal do for you?

The emerging media on the online platform have taken over the maximum consumption time of an individual. It is no surprise that digital marketing and online advertising have become crucial aspects of a company’s branding strategy, unlike the traditional approach. As a matter of fact, for a customer, there is no difference between offline-online media. They seek a seamless brand experience to be carried over online from brick and mortar world. Any brand now understands that they need the best digital advertising and marketing agency, who knows how to build up their brand equity by promoting them on the right platforms so they get noticed by their target audience.

To achieve the purpose of the brand, we dwell into:


Planning is by far the most essential activity that determines the success of creating a brand. It establishes the brands’ solid foundation about where and how the brand is to be driven. The core competencies and unique selling propositions (USPs) related to the product or service are analyzed critically by our marketing experts to craft the most effective campaign that will lead the brand story in the right direction.


“Big Idea” is where we head into. We come up with distinctive, memorable, unifying, and relevant creative concepts which capture the audience's interest influence their emotional response, and inspires them to take action. We unify themes across all campaign messages, calls to action, communication channels, and audiences to formulate a strong communication strategy.


As a full-service advertising agency, we ensure to create the most appealing visual creatives to influence the purchasing decision of a customer. We blend creativity to smartly present the art of storytelling that engages the target audience to the optimum. We design the creative in a manner that provides correct information relating to the offered product/service for consumers to satisfy their needs. To present the effectual creative design, our expertise lies on:

  • Graphic Design
  • Static Ads
  • GIFs (Graphics Interchange Formats)
  • PNG images
  • Photography


Video advertising has become the most engaging content on the internet now. Cashing the same, Pedal operates its in-house Video Production team to create entertaining, engaging, and affordable content for Corporates and building communities with the power of audio-visual content. Our ability to give you high-quality production values and delivery in everything we do is what excels us towards a successful output. We are a production house creating ad films best suitable for electronic media, digital media, cinema halls, outdoor media, etc. We provide high-end production services ranging in:

  • Television Commercials (TVC)
  • Documentaries
  • Ad Films
  • Product Films
  • Corporate Films
  • Animation Videos
  • YouTube Videos
  • Viral Videos
  • Jingle
  • Signature Tunes
  • Astons


Audiences' languages and cultural preferences are strongly taken into account in our A/V distribution strategy. After the production of high-quality content, our content distribution specialists ensure to distribute them on appropriate mediums of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, etc., Television Channels, Radio Stations, Cinema Halls, Outdoor Medias, PR content to maximize the brand awareness.

Our Proven Production Journey

1. Brief

We discover the real insights from our clients for the integrated campaign to be designed from the formulated strategy. We evaluate the practicalities and executional mandatories to be incorporated as a part of the brief.

2. Brain Storming

Our Creative team believes advertising is an art of persuasion. To streamline same, during our brain storming sessions, we ask the right questions to the strategists about the value propositions, ideal audience, and eventual goal to achieve through the creative.

3. Concept Prototype

Our in-house creative graphic designers then create a prototype based on the brief and understanding. The usage of right image, background, subject, storyboard, placement is critically evaluated and presented for affirmation.

4. Design Layout

We start working on the design according to the collected data represented. The effective touch of logo placement, emotional subject appearance, headline and body copy placement is worked upon and shared for approvals.

5. Project Evaluation

Based on the feedbacks, we reach a conclusion from the investigations about the product/service and evaluate the project to be taken forward for real execution.

Why choose us as your Creative Ad Agency?

Innovation & determination
Attention to details
Quick & efficient
Client centered philosophy
Affordable services


Pedal Group Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best advertising companies in Nepal.

The production of an advertisement and marketing campaign unique to a business, product and brand is a primary role of an advertising agency. Ad agencies collaborate with your company goals, adhere to ad budgets and build advertisement and marketing strategies to meet the needs of a business.

The key benefits of advertising are:

  • Introducing a new product on the market
  • Widening the market
  • Growing revenue
  • Fighting competition
  • Enhancing goodwill
  • Educating customers
  • Removing intermediaries
  • Improving the quality of goods
  • Encouraging sales
  • Increasing job prospects
  • Lowering prices for newspapers and magazines

The prices depend on your plan's variety, but the majority of packages range from $500 to $1000 per month.

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