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Best Advertising Agency in Nepal

Pedal is an advertising agency in Nepal with a 360-degree  approach. Our top-notch services as part of the advertising in Nepal are branding, brand positioning strategy, campaign formulation, commercial ads development, ads campaigns, Facebook advertising, online advertising, branding, and brand management, makes promotion and advertising strategy and release the communication through various available mediums. We are among those advertising agency in Nepal which is laced with ground-exploding ideas by seeing things differently to go behind the unusual. As a renowned ad agency in Nepal, We don’t only sell products; we also make iconic brands.

As the best Advertising agency in Nepal, we help to promote or sell a product, service, or idea through non-personal messages to openly sponsored platforms. Top advertising agencies communicate through various mass media of ATL (Above the Line) – Television, Radio, Print (Newspaper & Magazines).

Top advertising agency upsurges with a simple objective – win consumers’ hearts and minds. Pedal Group combines strategy, design, copy, advertising, and research to creatively drive your brand. We take pride in rendering a fresh perspective to your brand image through an exacting procedure – consultation meeting. Our account planners and executives value your engagement and are ready to share any new idea relating to creative strategy.

Importance of advertising agency

Advertising agency makes Brand Strategy to improve the consumer experience, competitive advantage, and financial performance. What you stand for, the promise that you make, and the personality you convey is what formulates your brand positioning strategy. It does include your logo, color palette, and slogan, but above all brand strategy defines your objective and the reason for your brand’s existence.

  • What’s your brand objective, who are your customers, long-term success
  • Brand Positioning – owning a space in the mind of your buyer
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Differentiation Point
  • Right Creative Message – Right Time – Right Place
  • Where do we want to fit?
  • Brand Personality
  • Mission – Value Proposition
  • Language – Connection & Emotion

Advertising Agency in Nepal

Content Strategy

We bring unique skills and experiences to the table to draft a mechanism by which your company goals and priorities are translated into a concrete strategy. Based on the brand positioning big idea, we create compelling contents that act as a primary means to achieve those goals. Be it social media posts, quizzes, video scripts, motion graphic scripts, radio/audio advertising, blogs, website copy, interviews, research, brand stories, press releases, company profile, sales collaterals, FAQs; we are there for you.


We practice writing persuasive marketing and promotional materials that inspire individuals to take specific action as defined based on emotional behavior. From making a purchase, clicking on a link, contributing to a cause, or arranging a consultation, we ensure the targeted audience convert through our compelling copy. Our in-house ad and promo team writes the best advertising copy, landing pages, sales collaterals, product descriptions, direct mail copy, or newsletters, we got it all covered for you to create the right bend of brand value.

Brand Identity

After a thorough analysis of what your brand values stand for, we make your brand say the beliefs, how your product is conveyed, and what individuals want to feel as they engage with it. Essentially, your brand identity is your company's personality and a commitment to your clients. As a creative agency, Pedal group provides the following services to improve your brand identity and brand name.

  • Logo Design

    The core of your brand identity is your logo design. You need to keep in mind that the logo should convey who you are and what you value as a brand. We make them visually appealing: simple, clean, and uncluttered to play with the expectations of your industry that give your audience a lasting impression.
  • Color & Type

    Your prospective consumers have psychological ties to various colors, and strategically utilizing branding colors and logo colors can have a serious effect on how your audience perceives your brand. We want to think about your brief's form and shape when it comes to your designs. To reinforce the desired response from your customers, this subtle but effective element is a must.
  • Component Placement

    We practice grouping pieces together in a manner that is consistent with the schematic design arrangement. The eye-catching places on a geometric surface area are well recognized by our team to develop collaterals according to the media chosen.
  • Letterhead & Envelope Style

    Your customers expect the letterhead and envelope style to be planned and designed professionally.  You do not want your branding materials to be dated or lack visual appeal. This could reflect poorly on your business if ignored.
  • Brochure Design

    A well-designed brochure acts as an ideal introduction to your company. Accurately distributed, brochures can extend the visibility of your business. When reaching out to new customers, brochures are great marketing tools. When a brochure is not designed properly, it says a lot about your business as a well-designed one, so make sure it sends the exact message as you wish.
  • Catalog Design

    The attractive catalog concept plays an important part in building the brand's corporate reputation in the marketplace. We ensure to create your company’s catalog that contains every significant information that makes it attractive to your customer.
  • Print Ad Design

    Print advertising is more associated with readers on an emotional basis than digital. It creates an opportunity for readers to ponder over the item and its message in a manner that other platforms do not. We present a tangible opportunity for prospects to connect with the message of your business in terms of their gain, wants to be, to do, or to save. 
  • Print Material Design

    Getting effective, well-designed print marketing materials can add to your company's reputation and create brand recognition. Your branding establishes a bond with your clients that is visual and emotional, and we create that differential good design that becomes the reason your potential customers buy from you.
  • Graphic Design

    Consistency is the key to successful branding, and the key to consistency is graphic design. The framework for transmitting your message is generated by graphic design, so your audience understands YOU with every message you send over time. Consistency builds trust, confidence that your brand is familiar to everyone.
  • Visiting Card & Identity Card Design

    Visiting cards are the gateway for your esteemed business. They help people you meet to get in touch with you and also acts as a bookmark to help you maintain a point of contact. We align your brand and its content to be clear when someone comes across your visiting card or identity card for your entire team.
  • Merchandising

    Your awesome identity and authentic promotion connect with consumers, steadfast consumers, and potential buyers. We propose you the best brand merchandising at the most effective promotional tactic that, when handled the right way, leads to your strong revenue returns.

Product Design

Packaging Design- Your product’s packaging design is the place of contact where your potential customer decides the ice-breaking question: buy or don’t buy? It is an extension to your brand identity that creates the first strong impression with all the information. The protection, storage, and transportation feasibility are well-taken care of by our creative designers to create a customized design for your product that will compliment your unique idea. We ensure it looks appealing on the shelves with correct fonts, colors with special attention to detail.

Service Design

Space Design- A good space design curates the right ambiance and entire experience of your service area; your restaurant design, retail outlet, departmental marts, or stores. The movement patterns in physical paths, sightlines, signage and way findings, lighting and materials, and your brand connection through colors play a magical role for your customer to experience. We ensure that your dream project is well developed for easy walk-in conversions and build returning customers.  

Media Releases

Our connection with national and international media services is especially leveraged to advertise your enterprise or product. We are the top advertising agencies in Nepal that provide various media services through:

  • Television

    Once we’ve produced a compelling TVC based on your brand requirement, we air the same spots on Television in Nepal. There are 100+ TV channels in Nepal whom we have kept a strong bonding with to place your TV spots at the right place based on the Television Rating Point (TRP) calculating the viewership as well as the coverage. The popular Soap programs, Sitcoms, News, or Music related programs are chosen correctly to give you the maximum viewership. Judging on the availability and need of spot placement during prime time, we float 15/30/45/60 seconder Television Commercial Ads across. Not only the TVC spots, but we also arrange to place flat or L-shaped Astons at different intervals of programs. Sponsorship tags brought to you by / time check can also be benefitted along with product integration within the program content itself.
  • Radio

    As soon as we create a persuading Jingle or Radio Spot, we work upon placing them on the right set of radio stations based on their location coverage. The listenership of the radio channels has been consistent for a decade now operating for almost 18 hrs. per day by all the Nepali Radio Stations. However, the most prime timings for radio are considered during 6 AM to 11 AM, and 5:30 PM to 11 PM. The office hours traffic on the road has the highest listenership which is considered while drafting your media plan. Accordingly, we can also buy out the properties like time checks / brought to you by / coming up by (brand).
  • Print Publications

    To boost consumer awareness and allure potential customers, we also print ads on daily/weekly newspapers, and magazines. Based upon the circulation numbers and readership we choose out the best print publications available to give you the maximum leverage. The impact is justified by the CC (i.e., Columns * Centimeter) that involves the space on a defined newspaper. We can also create properties that associate with your brand and place a regular ad to make maximum impact. Island ads/text wrap ads can also give your brand maximum mileage by being the eye-catcher. Advertorials play the best to deliver the exact message that your enterprise wants to communicate.

OOH (Out of Home / Outdoor Media)

Home advertising reaches customers when they’re outside of their homes. We design to grab your customers' attention who are on the go or wait in high dwell-time locations. This traditionally entails everything from billboards to shelters for taxis, benches, and everything in between.

We are the best advertising agency in Nepal for OOH advertising with broad offerings:

  • Contemporary and high-tech billboards advertising
  • Gantries/ Bridge-panels Advertising
  • Uni poles Adverting
  • Bus shelters Advertising
  • Airports Advertising
  • Inflight Advertising
  • Buses/Micro Vans/Taxis Advertising
  • Cafes Advertising
  • Bars Advertising
  • Restaurants Advertising
  • Health clubs Advertising
  • Colleges Advertising
  • Arenas Advertising
  • Gas stations Advertising
  • Convenience stores Advertising
  • Modern Trade stores Advertising
  • Retail Out Stores Advertising
  • Barbershops Advertising
  • Public spaces Advertising

Printing Services

We work upon choosing the correct type of printing to meet your needs in terms of quality, speed, and budget. Digital printing comes in all shapes and sizes and offsets lithography and other print processes that require a good deal of skill and knowledge. We will work as your production team ensuring your printed material meets the standards for your brand. Printing is the creation of printed and/or copied content from digital or hard copy format originals, including (but not limited to):

  • Catalogue Printing
  • Leaflet Printing
  • Visiting Card Printing
  • Calendar Printing
  • Diary Printing
  • Merchandise Printing


Advertising is a method of communicating with consumers for a product or service consumers in various platforms like digital media, print media, radio, television etc.

Advertising has three main aim: to educate, inspire, and remind people. Informative advertising raises name, product, service, and concept recognition.

The purpose of advertising is to increase brand awareness and increase sales of a particular business.

Advertisements are important because they educate the public, raise awareness about particular goods and services, promote sales, and offer a medium of communication.

An advertising is ethical if it is made with the expectation that viewers will understand it and be motivated to act on it in order to achieve beneficial outcomes. When an advertisement is produced for the sole purpose of deceiving consumers and extracting money from their pockets, it becomes unethical.

Ads with a high level of artistic creativity are more likely to be effective. They have visually pleasing verbal, visual, or auditory components.

Aesthetically pleasing textual, visual, or sound components can be used in advertisement with a high degree of creative imagination to make an advertising effective.

A Successful Advertising Campaign's Key Elements:

  • Determine just what you’re offering.
  • Talk the same language as your client.
  • Choose a niche market.
  • By far the most significant aspect of marketing is customer support.

Advertising lets businesses remain ahead of the market while competing with other companies. Advertising is the process of persuading customers that you are the best option.

It generates jobs, offers free and low-cost media to the public, and promotes media independence.

Strategic advertising is a well-planned method for reaching and persuading a buyer to purchase a product or service.

Few ways to promote a campaign are:

  • Distribute your promotion in your website.
  • Starting a paid advertisement campaign.
  • Set up cross-promotional opportunities.
  • Pay a visit to the locations where your target group congregates.
  • The first thing you can do is share your promotion with the people who are most likely to respond.

Advertising is the most effective means of reaching out to consumers. Customers are better informed of the brands present in the industry and the range of goods available to them due to advertising.

An advertisement strategy is a tactic for reaching out to customers and persuading them to purchase a product or service.

Social media is the most cost-effective way to advertise any company.

Google AdWords, now known as Google Ads, is by far the most popular internet advertising platform for businesses of all sizes.

Some of the ways that can be used to promote small businesses are:

  • Paid Search Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website
  • Flyers and Brochures
  • Email Marketing

Objectives of advertising are:

  • Introduce a product
  • Introduce a brand
  • Awareness creation
  • Acquire customers
  • Brand building
  • Positioning
  • Increase sales
  • Increase profit

Advertisements served to consumers on social media sites are known as social media ads or social media marketing. User information is used by social networks to serve highly targeted content based on experiences within a certain platform.

It is completely free to set up a company account/page and share on social media. You will use the platform to share photographs, videos, news, and build a community to promote your company or product for free.

With advanced targeting capabilities, social networking platforms like Facebook will help you draw your potential clients, helping you to drive more targeted traffic to your blog. This is the most efficient way to make the most out of your campaign budget.

Marketing entails far more than just ads. Advertising is a part of marketing; it is the process of making your goods and service available to a target consumer or industry, while marketing is the process of preparing a product for sale. Marketing is, in several respects, both study and practice, whereas advertising is strictly practice.

Different types of advertising are:

  • Paid search advertising.
  • Social media advertising.
  • Native advertising.
  • Display advertising.
  • Print advertising.
  • Broadcast advertising.
  • Outdoor advertising.

Advertising is a part of marketing; it is the process of making your goods and service available to a target consumer or industry, while marketing is the process of preparing a product for sale. Marketing is, in several respects, both study and practice, whereas advertising is strictly practice.

Advertising is a method of persuasion whose aim is to convince prospective buyers to purchase a product or service, while advertisement is (marketing) a commercial solicitation designed to sell an object, service, or something similar.

Your advertising goal is to mark your product, service, or cause and increase recognition and exposure. Growing page visits and inspiring consumers to engage with or read more about your brand may be among your goals.

Objective of social advertising are:

  • Increase the scale of the shared network.
  • Audiences should be reliably targeted.
  • Improve communication strategies to boost brand loyalty.
  • Improve customer loyalty and brand awareness.

The reach goal is straightforward.  This is a reasonable choice if you have an ad that you want a huge amount of viewers to view but don't need to optimize for any particular action other than getting the ad shown.

Mistakes to be avoided in advertising

  • Consider whether or not advertisement is needed.
  • Using just one kind of media.
  • Using low-resolution files. 
  • choosing wrong color scheme
  • Concentrating on only your company.
  • Choosing the inaccurate publication.

A jingle, to be catchy, must have a fun music and lyrics. When a jingle leaves the customer with a memory of the brand, one might say that it is also successful.

When a group of creatives comes together to create an advertisement or video that dynamically and successfully tells the story of a company or non-profit, it is known as creative advertising.

A marketing strategy is a company's overarching approach for reaching out to potential buyers and converting them into paying customers for their goods or services.


  • Promotional strategy educates, encourages, or remind target customers about the products.
  • A advertising strategy is a strategy for reaching out to consumers and persuading them to purchase a product or service.

Fake, deceptive, and obscene ads should be avoided at all costs.

There are many ways one can advertise locally. Few of the ways are listed below:

  • Marketing budget, strategy and tactics.
  • Put your sales offer on the homepage of website.
  • Send email campaign to existing customers and subscribers.
  • Create and publish a blog (useful) post once per month.
  • Local business and industry citations.
  • A Bank of Photography Assets.
  • Google My Business.
  • Google Posts.

Advertisers and brands should use these advertising techniques

  • Promotions and incentives.
  • Make use of data and figures.
  • Repetition is essential.
  • Ask the Relevant Questions
  • Emotional appeal.
  • Using Characters That Are Interesting.

The three types of persuasive advertising techniques are ethos, pathos, and logos. Each group elicits a particular response from the speaker and the audience.

In marketing, semiotics elicits an emotional response.

Symbols' emotional meanings take over the logical self and convince you to make assumptions on an advertisement message. Semiotics are used by advertisers to appeal to your feelings and focus their ads on your emotional reaction

In ads, repetition is used to hold a brand or product in front of customers' minds. Repetition can help create brand familiarity, but it can also contribute to consumer fatigue.

A mark, sign, or term that denotes, indicates, or is interpreted to indicate a meaning, person, or relationship is referred to as a symbol.

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