5 Keys to unlocking Facebook ROI

2023-04-24 1971


The myriad ways in which people are consuming information is constantly evolving. Newspapers, radio, television etc., are relatively used less compared now that people have started to use more of smartphones or hand-held devices. Moreover, people use social media more than other websites out of the total time they are online. Hence, Google Ads are also losing prominence as opposed to Facebook Ads. The fact that every mobile user who has internet connection has installed Facebook cannot be ignored. Our marketing efforts should be driven towards forming strategies that provide the best ROI.

Below are 5 Keys to unlocking Facebook ROI. They have been briefly stated to have a complete picture of what all practices can be adopted for better ROI. For further details on each strategies and crafting the most appropriate strategy for Facebook, you can call on 01-5532700. Meanwhile, let’s get acquainted to these 5 Keys:

1. Define your Audience:

Most of the businesses fail at this very first step. Sometimes, the audiences are defined to be too broad and sometimes too specific. When people don’t get the intended response they start making changes in the audience too quickly which prohibits the opportunity to evaluate their performances well. At least, we have to give a substantial amount of time to get to understand the consumer behavior. Creating multiple audiences are hence preferred. Other considerations that businesses should take while defining the audiences are:

  1. Craft your business objectives well.
  2. Use Audience Insights to find out more on the audiences types you can build upon.
  3. Create multiple audience segments.
  4. Create different Ad sets for different segments.
  5. Sometimes, segmenting audiences based on devices they use for conversions are also useful for flexible bidding.
  6. Find out when your audiences are engaging most on Facebook.
  7. Schedule Ads accordingly to get most engagement and avoid ad distribution during non-performing hours.
  8. Feel the pulse of each segment of audience and know what can be enticing for them.
  9. Learn the behavior of the different segments of audiences.

2. Create Engaging Content:

It’s very important to create a high engagement post to reach out to a maximum number of people with minimum spends on Facebook. But creating a viral campaign is not that easy as we never know what campaign might go viral. But at least we can focus on below mentioned points to create more engaging posts:

  1. Focus on creating content that evokes an emotional response.
  2. Tell people what benefits they are going to receive or how the product or service is going to change their lives.
  3. Find the stress-point they are struggling with and focus on it until they are stimulated to buy the products or services on offer.
  4. Try to use human facial expressions more than landscapes or other imagery in your content as people connect to human emotions more easily.
  5. Integrate video content into core strategy.
  6. Use color psychology.
  7. Use A/B testing to know what performs.
  8. Use pages to watch to find out what is performing (posts with high engagement, low engagement and trends across similar pages).

3. Use CTAs with the Ads/Posts:

Usually, customers don’t like to make an extra effort to find a particular page and make a request for a product or a service through that page. An easy CTA button would entice them to perform the action.

Keeping this in mind Facebook has made the CTA “Send Messages” most common for almost all types of posts on Facebook.

Look at findings of Ad Rolls on Impact of CTA buttons.

CTA Buttons.png

4. Create a compelling Landing Page:

Although Landing Pages are not directly linked with Facebook, it holds an important prominence in creating an impact on the customers. Hence, Landing pages should always be guided towards providing the complete information in brief and giving a reason to the visitors to get associated with the business. Following things need to be taken care of well while designing a landing page:

  1. Heading of the page must attract the user’s attention. It should be able to create an impact within first the 9 seconds.
  2. Give them a reason to scroll down the page.
  3. The landing page should be clearly talking about the benefits that the customers are going to get.
  4. Build credibility with the audience through the landing page.
  5. Use easily noticeable and highly impactful CTA on the landing page.    

5. Use Remarketing to keep a hold on the Performers:

Remarketing is very useful in getting conversions out of minimum spends. It creates an impact on the people who have already shown some interest in the business with new offers, constant persuading, cross-selling associated products etc. Compelling remarketing strategies can be adopted following the below steps:

  1. Create a compelling lead magnet to make them take the intended action.
  2. Track every activity they perform using Facebook pixels, UTM codes, Analytics etc.
  3. Create Facebook custom audience for them who opted in through the lead magnet.
  4. Create a reach campaign to reach out to the custom audience with new or associated offers.
  5. Expand the audience with the look alike audience option on Facebook.
  6. Email addresses collected via online or offline efforts can also be a better source to build a custom audience for remarketing.

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