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Most of the time we spend in a day is either at our office or home. 10-6 schedule with a lot of work load almost kills our time. Wake up amidst sleep, rush to office in the busy hours tolerating all that buzzing traffic and crowd, reach office to find out a heap of pending mails, work all day long, escape friends’ call to reach back home early and get rest is all that makes our day but still leaves us unsatisfied because what we sow and what we reap has a vast disparity in our own sense.

If you also think this way and want to add some extra income managing few hours at your ease and even get earning while you sleep or when you are even busy doing other works, Affiliate marketing is a right choice for you. Apart from this if you want to do things of your choice while still work when you want, learn affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process in which affiliate earns a commission for selling another person’s or company’s products. The affiliate marketers are free to choose product of their choice and sell through various platforms. The affiliate earns only when the sales are made, which is tracked by affiliate link from their website to another. Hence, it is also called a subset of performance marketing.

Refer to the info graphics below by “Hasoffer” for a better understanding.

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Affiliate Marketing is gaining more focus with time. Specially the e-commerce sites want to leverage the platform of affiliates to market their products as they just need to pay after the real sales is made. The affiliates do all the hard work to promote their product and bring in the customers which also helps the company to get good ranking through backlinks and link building. Companies like Amazon, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Shareasale, Peerfly, Rakuten, etc. are widely using affiliate programs to promote their businesses.

Look at the infographics below by to have an overview about affiliate marketing trends in 2019.

Affiliate Marketing Tr...

Why Affiliate Marketing can be important for Nepal?

Most people in Nepal focus on AdSense account to earn from their website or blog by getting too may people to visit on their page. As it takes lots of effort to build an engaging page or site where thousands of visitors would be interested to visit, it is a long tiring journey. Even while creating a YouTube channel from where you can monetize, you need to be active at least for about 6 months posting with engaging contents to start making good earning.

Here, affiliate program can provide you relief. You can earn a higher commission if you can make your visitors convert. You even don’t need a great performing asset like a YouTube channel or Blog. All you need is a clever marketing tactics to make your customers convert. You can use the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Forums, YouTube Channel comments section to divert traffic to your affiliate link and make them convert, ending up earning the commissions.

How to be Successful with Affiliate Marketing?

  1. Develop a Rapport

    Towards the beginning of affiliate career try to establish yourself as an expert in that particular field. Choose a segment or niche in which you are interested, review about products and provide your concepts. Talk about all possible aspects of the product. You can test with the style of delivery to make people follow you.
  2. Choose Product Wisely

    There are lots of products available. So, choose only those products which you are comfortable about and rely on. Don’t rush just behind commission and review products which are faulty. Know the products well before you recommend. This will increase sales as well as build your personal brand.
  3. Use Several Media

    The more you promote, the greater the chances of sales. Use as many channels as possible to advertise about the product you have chosen. Don’t only rely on your website. Use blogs, social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other forums to let people know about your products.
  4. Be Up to date with the Trends

    Keep an eye on recent happenings and try to blend your strategies with the trends. Also adopt the changes in techniques and ensure that you are making out most with improved way of affiliate marketing.
  5. Keep Growing your Network

    Loyal followers are worth thousands of bucks. They will trust in your reviews and make purchases. You need to grow list of such network by making them follow you. You can host Giveaways, free training or free resource download program to keep building your network. This will make you a brand as well as give you good monetary returns.

Try Affiliate Learning and Practicing Affiliate Marketing. It’s worth your effort or time.

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