Evolution from B2C to B2ME Marketing

2019-06-02 1474


Marketers have been nurtured in a traditional background where B2C (Business to Consumer) driven marketing concepts have been playing strong role till date. This approach, unlike historically sales based, has been focused to the process of selling products and services directly between consumers who are the end-users. Companies have been focusing on what positioning strategy should be focused on the 'Brand' itself. However, the evolution is required at this time where Marketers need to shift to B2ME (Business To Me) marketing strategy based on all the advancement taking place at platforms.

Is B2ME a prominent question? To keep it simple, b2me marketing is a strategy practiced not only to close a sale with a consumer but also to develop a strong relationship with every single unique individual, based on the desires of the individual. It is derived by enhancing the CX (Customer Experience) to greater engaging level where he/she feels or perceives the association of the brand with oneself. True understanding in CX comes from connecting the brand purpose with a more human understanding of customer needs. By knowing what the brand role is, understanding the consumer more deeply through the data gathered, and designing channels and ecosystem to convey on a more significant brand promise.

Regardless of what a brand voice stands at, a modern consumer now has a feeling of how he/she is connected with the brand? What is the unique proposition that the brand delivers that eventually makes one individual acceptable for consumption? Below are few insights that can make a fundamental shift to adapt b2me marketing:

1. From Brand Centric to Customer Centric –

Companies now need to focus more on the CX (Customer Experience) and revive each strategy based on the improvements required as desired. New opportunities should be a look-out from the data gathered by the digital platforms and rigorous research methods.

customer centric.jpg

2. From Segmentation to Hyper-Relevance –

At the actual touch-point on digital, companies can now recognize the exact location a customer is at on their web collateral. By defining the transaction and using remarketing, customers can be catered with customized relevant communication to bring senses to action.


3. From Fragmented Offers to Seamless Solutions –

By exploring alternatives to other traditional tactics, companies can personalize experience with user-friendly applications and platforms and activating strong digital communities to interact with customers in entirely new ways.

seamless solution.png

4. From Regular Case Study to Trial and Adapt Mentality –

Companies now require to keep aside the traditional/regular case studies dealt in business world and move towards adapting new technologies based on trial and error function for realizing what actually works and what does not.

Learn Trial Error.png

Adapting the methodology of b2me marketing will create a smooth synergy between the brand the company offers and the end consumer experiencing the offered product/service. The focus needs to be on delivering experiences solely. This will build extremely valuable relationships with consumers and a level of intimacy that traditional marketing struggle to achieve.

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