Make Your Employees Your Brand Advocates

2023-04-24 2147


Building the brand image that sets your company apart from your competitors is your primary aim. When you think of building your business and how to optimize the potential, it’s safe to think how to provide best product or services to your customers. You make budgets for time, overhead and marketing but often miss on budgeting the internal marketing. It is not as costly as other forms of marketing. Many a times it might not even cost you a single penny.

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What is Internal Marketing?

Internal marketing refers to empowering your employees, sharing the company’s mission and vision with them and reflecting that mission/vision to the outsiders through your employees. In simple terms, it means to involve your employees in your business process and make them the brand advocates. You should at all times make them feel associated with your brand so that they can take extra miles to fulfill the company’s mission. Employees are the backbone of the company and if they are not content, it may lead to underperformances and unhealthy work environment.

How does Internal Marketing help?

Employees often look for recognition of their work and their ideas being heard. They also look for what motivates them and plan accordingly. A well satisfied employee can

1. Ensure the external and internal messaging are consistent

Often marketers make great promises and when the client comes to receive the product or service, they are not up to the par. When employees are empowered, they give their best to make the outcome beyond the standard by the best utilization of resources. The expectations of the customers can thus be met and make them happier.

2. Become your brand advocate

According to some researchers, people often trust more on what employees have to say about their product or services more than what the marketers or CEOs say. People these days not only want to be limited to knowing the end products but also know how the brand they are associated with actually functions and what other things the brand considers right.

Behind the scenes, work life, corporate social responsibility, ethical aspects of the business, etc. also plays as a great motivation for the people to get further associated with the brand.

It has now been a growing trend with the companies to evaluate their potential employees through social media check. Contrary to this the potential customers also like to check the profile of the current workers to evaluate the workplace and know their philosophy. People don’t like to join just a workplace anymore.

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3. Help to disseminate your Marketing Communication socially

Happy employees will actively share your brand’s social media contents. Some recent data from advocacy platform Bambu sheds light on actually how beneficial they are for the companies.

Company content shared by employees gets 8x more engagement than content shared on a company account
Leads generated through employee advocacy and social selling are 7x more likely to close
21% of consumers claim they “like” employee posts about companies – this rate is higher than any other type of social media ad campaign

Hence, you should keep your employees motivated so that your brand contents are not just limited to the company’s official page.

You can form a strategy to make the employees share the content across different groups and platforms they are active on and further boost the content. It will help the social media rank your content more relevant and make your visibility higher. As the employees themselves are advocating, people more likely trust the communication and take an action.

A company is more than a product or service. In fact, it’s the second home for the employees and also an important aspect of the society. So, it should sow the seeds of mutual development to that every stakeholder can reap the benefits of high yields.

Companies in recent time are hence seen publishing more behind the scenes contents. Behind-the-scenes content might seem like fluff, but it’s essential for showing off the human side of your business. Companies should also not fail to cover the coworkers at Industry events and empower employees to create content for the brand.

Sometimes, employees are seen going beyond the ethics while choosing what to post so they should even show the responsibility of not including nudity, sharing the business secrets or something that defames the company’s status.

Let’s build a culture where the co-workers are self-motivated to take that extra effort to go an extra mile and stand strong for the company’s brand advocacy.

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