The 5 P's of Social Media Marketing

2023-04-24 2669


Are you able to make the maximum from your social media marketing? Are you really following the basics or missing out on the essentials?

Let’s check our understanding with how Anne Kavanagh from Global Travel Retail defines Social Media Marketing

“The credibility allocated instantly and unquestioningly to just about anything that is read online is a new phenomenon.”

This definition makes sense as reactions happen almost in the real time and people are free to interpret in their own way. But this understanding doesn’t define the direction to the phenomenon. The words don’t spread unquestioningly but spread with a purpose.

So, marketing campaign based on these sorts of flawed understanding cannot achieve the desired outcome. The audience shouldn’t be treated as a mysterious phenomenon.

I would like to define social media marketing as “The technologically enhanced form of words of mouth, where Intelligent users are sharing words, ideas pictures, videos, audios, etc. through a network of personal connection or reaching like minded people with paid options.” Some content on social media spread like a wildfire while some are able to make only the tiny ripples. The choices are always of the Intelligent users.

The users are called the intelligent users because, they have not only the power to spread the words instantly but can determine the direction of content flow. Unlike the traditional marketing where the advertisers used to determine the thought process, the social media marketing gives power to the user to decide the direction of flow. They can advocate for the brand or inform about the misdoing and shortcomings. We can watch on how the flow is happening on social media platforms.

Hence, at this modern age it has become a high importance to know how to interact on the social platforms as a brand. 5 P’s of social Media marketing can help us drive brand building and reaching the anticipated success.

1. Plan

Determine in advance what do you want to achieve. Is it brand building, sales, fund raising or just any informative one? Devise your strategies in accordance to it and be stubbornly committed to it. Make sure to incorporate a proper schedule so that the content you plan are not haphazard but systematic.

2. Produce

Determine the audience you are about to serve and produce content that would be engaging for them. Try different stories with colorful illustrations. Keep in mind that it takes time to develop relationship and credibility so the content should be aimed for long term relations and produced steadily.

3. Publish

Publish content on right platform for right type of audience. Choose between various type of platforms available. More academic and professional content may be suitable for LinkedIn while arts, photography and other inspiring contents may be useful of Instagram. Similarly, hourly updates may be much suitable for twitter. Find the best time to post as social media algorithm usually gives greater exposure to contents that get engagement on few minutes of being posted.

4. Promote

These days, especially on Facebook, it’s a pay-for-play landscape. Pay where you can, if you can. The results can provide the spark you need to drive a specific campaign or to increase your overall visibility to your target market. It can also be a very affordable alternative to other digital advertising options.

5. Prove

It’s most important to gauge the results to evaluate your marketing efforts. Compare with the industry benchmarks or set a ROI which is suitable for you. Sometimes, plan might not work out as planned. But if you are confident about it, don’t panic, just try to change some course and keep analyzing the result. Always give your plan a fair amount of time before you pull off the plug.

Here is an interesting infographic by Branex, about 5 P’s of social media marketing to reap the maximum from your social media efforts and keep the wheel of technologically induced words of mouth spreading.

5 ps info.jpg

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