Golden 9, a marketing campaign initiative by Pedal Media

The Agreement (comprising the Proposal, the Order Form and these General Terms and Conditions) contains the whole agreement between the parties relating to its subject matter and supersedes any prior agreements, representations or understandings between the parties unless expressly incorporated by reference in this Agreement. The order of precedence in which the components of the Agreement shall apply is (unless otherwise stated in the Agreement and highest importance first): (1) the Order Form (and, in the event that more than one Order Form exists, the most recent Order Form first), (2) these General Terms and Conditions (including the Schedule) and (3) the Proposal.

  1. The name of the campaign used in this website is for identification purposes only.
  2. Remarketing, also widely known as retargeting, strategy is opted to serve ads to users who have visited the developed website, or a specific web page, irrespective of any specific action taken or not.
  3. The company names, and/or product/service names, and/or brand names used in the campaign communication document/s is for representation of the strategy to be implied; or have implied, to achieve the sole purpose of explaining the journey process an advertiser would go through in the proposed Golden 9 campaign.
  4. The campaign Golden 9 consists of 2 independent packages termed as “Electronics Mania” and “Digital Re-marketing” coined to explain the essential inclusions within the package for customer understanding. Each package is proposed at the defined rate, which is inclusive of any and/or all taxes.
  5. Golden 9 is a sole marketing campaign initiated by Pedal Media (under Pedal Group Pvt. Ltd.) in which formulation & calculation of available current market rates of each placement on various TV stations, Radio stations, LED Display Board, Social Medias, Google Networks, and Online Portals have been internally (within organization) evaluated and drafted as package presentation.
  6. The campaign period/duration of the campaign is for 30 days, initiated from the activation date/launch date with the affirmation of content/s created to activate the targeted platforms. This, in no means, illustrates the activation of two and/or more platforms simultaneously throughout the campaign period. The placement of the impressions/spots has been planned as spread-outs in the form to activate one channel or more at any given day/date and/or time.
  7. TVC (Television Commercial) and/or Jingle Production comprises of audio/visual created by professional sound/voice/music mix composer-arranger of a short song or tune as jingle and standard 2D animation visuals having figures (computer-generated imagery) which are manipulated to appear as moving images.
  8. Pedal Media will, subject to availability, technical limitations and these Terms and Conditions, use our reasonable endeavors to publish your advertisement in the format approved by you and in accordance with your other instructions. The positioning or placement of your advertisement will be at our (we & TV stations/Radio stations/LED Display Board Houses/Online Portals) discretion unless we expressly agree otherwise in writing.
  9. Logo representation of TV stations/Radio stations/LED Display Board Houses/Online Portals/Social Medias/Google Networks on the marketing & advertising driven medium for communication purpose of Golden 9 campaign have been duly placed to indicate the placement of ads of an advertiser to promote their offered product/service to the viewers of respective stations/platforms. The integrated marketing strategy of Pedal Advertising and Digital Marketing does not intend to violate any/if intellectual property rights offended to the respective stations/platforms and will be removed immediately upon any written notice provided to the organization indicating the applicable purpose. Similar values are regarded to the programs which highlight under/as per the Golden 9 packages. 
  10. Every advertiser and advertising agency (“you”) who submits an order for advertising on a website or in an email operated by us, agrees to these terms and conditions. Your order and these Terms and Conditions form the basis of a contract between you and us for the provision of the advertising ordered by you.
  11. The discount rate breakdown as per the integrated marketing campaign Golden 9 is highlighted to indicate the standard industry practice of media buying and media advertisement slot purchase. Discount/s if/any indicated on the communication medium only purports to depict the maximum discount availability on the package drafted under the marketing campaign.
  12. The discounts provided as per the marketing campaign Golden 9 is based on the market quoted rates of each station/platform to their respective products of advertisement placement spots indicated by the stations/platforms.
  13. The news/news content and the operational effort of each stations/platform to produce/air through their respective medium of channels and the number of times they appear as per their schedule is a formal property of the respective stations/platforms and has no link with our organization.
  14. The programs/program contents and the operational effort by every production house to produce/air through intended respective channels and the number of times they appear as per their schedule is a formal property of the respective production houses/platforms and has no, if any link to/with our organization.
  15. The icons/logos of the TV stations/Radio stations/LED Display Board Houses/Online Portals/Social Medias/Google Networks and the programs are retrieved from the available search engines on the internet and placed for sole intention of communication of the marketing campaign Golden 9.
  16. The advertisement slot availability during breaks/placements of spots during the program/news content is the sole decision of TV stations/Radio stations/LED Display Board Houses/Online Portals/Social Medias and/or Google Networks.
  17. The cost amount indicated as per the package is valid for the month of Falgun, 2079 and as per the fiscal year 2079/80. The TV stations/Radio stations/LED Display Board Houses/Online Portals/Social Medias/Google Networks are independent organizations which have all rights to mandate on their price revision at any point in time. The increase in their products/services cost shall have direct implication with the indicated price as per the indicated package/s. Pedal Media holds all rights to change in price at all times without requiring any affirmation from any third party whatsoever.
  18. Any advertiser who intends to place their ads as per the selected package/separate media plan shall directly contact Pedal Media for any inquiries/discrepancy. Pedal Media will not entertain any confliction based on any third parties’ notions.
  19. Upon booking of media release by an advertiser for a package based on Golden 9, the advertiser is liable to pay the advance token of money as communicated by the Pedal Media/Pedal Group’s representative to advance the work process. A valid Tax Invoice will be provided to the advertiser for any/all spending made through Pedal Media.
  20. The advertiser has rights to make, if required, 2 revisions on the artwork for the campaign message to be drafted and 1 revision to the Visual animation and/or Audio Jingle as prepared.
  21. After the production of the TV Commercial is complete, all rights are reserved by the advertiser to make it their intellectual property. However, Pedal Group is not liable to hand-over the working files associated with the production of the content materials.
  22. Upon approval/affirmation on the media release schedule by the advertiser, Pedal Media is not liable for any alteration/change made by the TV stations/Radio stations/LED Display Board Houses/Online Portals/Social Medias/Google Networks as per their internal operations.
  23. An influencer/s as indicated in the package inclusion is someone in your niche or industry with sway over your target audience on the Tiktok platform to create a buzz video solely produced through them.
  24. The TV Commercial and/or Short Video/s will be produced by Pedal Advertising upon non-discretion with the advertiser based on the thorough guidelines of Advertising Censorship Board of Nepal.
  25. The advertiser would provide complete support in providing the icons/images/pictures related to brand/company directly to Pedal Group representative to be used in the production work.
  26. Pedal Media keeps all rights to ensure the release of TVC/advertisement materials on various media stations routed through any/all/various official media buying houses/channels or communicated directly for release.
  27. The names of the packages indicated under the Golden 9 Campaign is created for viewer’s discretion and has no relevance to the product/service/program represented by any other third party.
  28. Pedal Media holds all rights to make pre-bookings of the intended package as illustrated in Golden 9 marketing campaign based on the advance money token provided to Pedal Group to make reserves.
  29. This copy of Terms & Conditions is drafted on the 13th day of January, 2023 and is valid unless and until revoked by a representative of Pedal Group.