Success Story:
KFA Business School


Business Challenge:

KFA was looking to increase the number of intakes in their KFA Business School's MBA program

Our Solution:

Generation and maximization of leads through social media marketing.


Growth by 255% within the first six months.

kfa-building.jpg"KFA now has
established itself as a
major business institute

specializing in academic & education, management training, and consulting training in the Nepali business sector. Since its establishment in 2001, KFA has been working on a mission to produce world-class human resources and provide the “best mix of management solutions through education, training, and consulting services.”

Successfully so, KFA has been able to live by its words as it continues to be recognized as a reputed institution at the same time expanding at a swift rate. KFA still expanding towards a new horizon and for the last four years, Pedal Advertising and Digital Marketing have been perfectly executing their marketing campaigns for the last four years.

Pedal Advertising and Digital Marketing, and KFA’s journey started back in 2019. During this period KFA was exploring the idea of expanding its MBA program and bringing in more students to get the best education in Kathmandu city.

Before Pedal, KFA had explored the idea with many other digital marketing agencies in Nepal but they were neither convinced nor persuaded enough on spending their money without a guaranteed result. When KFA and Pedal had their first meeting, KFA was clear on the idea that they were exploring the option of expanding but not right away because they were skeptical whether they would be able to get enough students to expand and a low number of intakes would mean a setback.

But we at Pedal Advertising and Digital Marketing were able to get the green light for initiating their social media marketing target to attract more intake to their MBA program.

Following a detailed analysis of their social media presence and customer survey, we took the approach of first creating a brand presence and letting know what KFA and their MBA program were about. We started working on a content calendar based on what could attract the most engagement. Working around regular posting on social media where targeted audiences most likely spend their time. We knew that posting regularly and creating a brand presence were crucial in establishing the credibility of the brand, which is fundamental to lead generation.

As per KFA’s requirements, we had a target of getting 80 new students within the time frame of 6 months. However, Pedal Advertising and Digital Marketing with able to bring in more than 1100 probable leads within the first 3 months of the campaign. Not only that, remember, KFA was just exploring the idea of expanding to just one section. Well, the conversion rate of leads to students was extraordinary as KFA got 110 new intakes and expanded to 3 sections of MBA in the same academic year.

Lead Maximization

Reacting and connecting with the appropriate consumers at the right time across multiple contact points to enhance customer experience and foster customer loyalty is a major problem for companies in Nepal. A common company goal across all industries is the capacity to identify the appropriate target audience and solutions offered for marketing campaigns.

When KFA Business was exploring the option, Pedal Advertising and Digital Marketing with the proper process were able to show the definite growth of intake influx from basic improvement to mammoth growth by 255% within the first six months.

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