Success Story:
TATA Motors Nepal


Business Challenge:

1000 Leads in 90 days during the tough Covid-19 Pandemic Period

Our Solution:

Lead Generation through Social Media Optimization


900 Leads in 13 days; 43% Conversion

TATA Motors
TATA-building.jpgis arguably the most popular
vehicle brand in Nepal

Distributed by Sipradi Trading throughout Nepal, automobiles from TATA Motors can be seen throughout Nepal. Lately, its EVs like TATA NEXON are en-route to becoming the most popular electric vehicle in Nepal.

Pedal Advertising and Digital Marketing’s journey with TATA began in 2020 when the whole world was shut down due to the outbreak of the deadly Covid-19 virus As the whole world was facing a serious crisis and businesses were being shut down, Nepali workers who were working in different corners of the world were being sent back home. Although the workers were now back home safe with their families, there wasn’t much to do, giving rise to an increasing percentage of unemployed skilled manpower.

During this time, TATA was on the lookout for a digital marketing agency with a good track record on conversion to start their “Swabalambi Abhiyan.” With this campaign, TATA aimed to help all the workers looking to start their own vehicles business. The term “Swabalami Abhiyan” directly translates to the independent campaign, and it was more about empowering workers to work independently rather than just selling vehicles.

When Pedal Advertising and Digital Marketing and TATA held their first meeting, TATA were very clear with their campaign demand. They wanted approx. 1000 leads within the first three months of the campaign - no less and no longer. Based on our previous success of process-based-project-system, Pedal Advertising, and Digital Marketing got the green light for the campaign initiation.

With the green light, we began our process with a detailed online behavior analysis of the targeted demographics which comprised identifying where the targeted audience mostly spent their time online, how and doing what. MIdst this we decided on an analysis of the social media pages of TATA that included analysis and optimization of the Facebook Page for example.

We know that in order to improve the product/service mix and campaign design, vehicle manufacturers and service providers struggle to determine the ideal customer mix for each vehicle (SUV, Sedan, MUV, etc.) type as well as what encourages the consumer to buy a vehicle. Our use of big data and cutting-edge machine learning techniques combined with advanced analytics provide us a better understanding of our customers and help them solve the following business issues:

1) What target clients have a high propensity to purchase in order to increase conversion and make a promotion or campaign successful?

2) What motivates an effective and successful campaign?

3) What is the ideal product combination for a certain consumer segment?

Organizations are flooded with usable data in the form of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data that have a 360-degree perspective of the consumer as the 'Big Data' age is blossoming. Customized advanced analytics solutions may be created using this customer touch point data to benefit the full ecosystem of CRM and marketing activities.

By accurately defining the ideal target segment for a promotion campaign and the proper channel mix to reach the right product or service at the right time with the right price points, our team at Pedal Advertising and Digital Marketing is capable of developing the optimal customer acquisition, retention, and relationship plan. We have been able to do more because to the marketing function's improved efficiency, which is supported by data-driven insights and predictive models.

As we moved forward with the plans attending to every preordained issue we simultaneously worked on a content calendar and content on it. As we launched our campaign on TATA Nepal’s Facebook page, following the first few posts we finalized that the selected campaign would run more effectively with collective social media optimization.

With the campaign running smoothly and the goal of TATA Nepal to accumulate 1000 leads in three months, we began providing leads from the first week. By the 9th day, we gave 972 leads and TATA asked us to keep the campaign on hold as they were having a hard time keeping up with all the leads. From the 972 leads TATA Nepal had a colossal conversion rate of 48%. With that conversion rate, it can be taken as one of the best marketing campaigns in Nepal done by TATA.

Social Media Optimization by Pedal

At Pedal Advertising and Digital Marketing, we always try to keep consistency on specific traits of specific clients to succeed with Social Media Optimization and Digital Marketing. Our techniques have helped our clients like TATA Nepal achieve their goals through social media marketing in Nepal and its proper optimization.

Finally, SMO is a critical component of social media marketing in Nepal and throughout the world. Businesses may develop a strong social media presence, increase interaction, and reach their target audience by emphasizing consistency, relevant content, optimization, authenticity, and analytics.

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