Success Story:
Vatsalya Natural IVF


Business Challenge:

Position Vatsalya as the number one healthcare provider through a 360 holistic marketing approach

Our Solution:

“सम्भव छ” | Marketing through an Emotional Approach across all possible mediums


Vatsalya: 120% Possible Success

vatsalya.jpgVatsalya Natural IVF
is a fertility treatment
service provider in Nepal.

Considered one of the best fertility treatment centers in Nepal, Vatsalya Natural IVF is a one-stop solution for all kinds of infertility-related problems.

Since its inception, Vatsalya has been successful in helping hundreds of people facing infertility problems with the highest success rates in Nepal.

Their service ranges from infertility diagnosis & treatment to fertility preservation.

Vatsalya Natural IVF and Pedal Advertising and Digital Marketing’s journey started in 2019 and it's a bit special for us.

Before Pedal, Vatsalya were self-promoting their brand via different social media platforms but were looking for an agency that could understand what Vatsalya as a brand meant and its promises.

Vatsalya was not just looking for an effective marketing campaign that would bring them clients, but a campaign that will aware people of the quality IVF treatment available in Nepal and stop them from going abroad for fertility treatment.

As they were exploring other advertising and creative agencies for the road ahead, we also got on the race to take up a challenging journey. Following a mutual understanding, it was now a time to prove our worth.

Vatsalya was the first client of Pedal Advertising and Digital Marketing and we wanted nothing more than to make the campaign a success for our client.

Although a new startup, our team consisted of highly talented and experienced individuals with years of experience working in the marketing and advertising industry of Nepal.

As we sat around our new meeting table with our exhilarated spirit we asked ourselves, ‘How do we market test tube baby?’ We knew how to market material products and services as we had been doing that. The prospect of marketing a service new to us and something still considered social taboo seemed like a challenge fit Pedal.

Following a detailed analysis of their social media sites, we found surprising data.

Vatsalya was bringing in huge engagement through organic posting and impression data was staggering. While leads were being generated, the lack of proper campaigning channels was affecting the conversion rate.

We saw how a lack of brand awareness and brand identity was failing to convert leads, and the only solution to a bigger problem was breaking the barrier.

We decided to start with a full-on digital campaign that would help us strike multiple birds in one attempt. Following a few sleepless nights and rigorous thinking, we came up with the ‘big idea’ of running a campaign around the tagline “सम्भव छ,” implying that infertility is treatable and it’s possible to have children through an array of fertility treatment options provided by Vatsalya Natural IVF.

The tagline would later help us use the emotional marketing approach to grow Vatsalya as a compassionate place you can trust with your dream of parenthood. During that time, our creative team created a mnemonic and colors for the campaign.

Now that we had a solid idea to work around, we began rolling out informative content, while conducting A/B testing, on social media sites popular in Nepal like TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Google Business, and Instagram among others. Simultaneously, as we were developing customer relationships with our audience, we began working on website development where people could go through information related to infertility.

The website featured blogs, infographics, and detailed service information along with the latest news and development in fertility treatment.

The website helped us in many ways, it acted as a landing page in most of the campaigns we ran later. It didn’t take long for us to see the exceptional result. Social media optimization along with retargeting leads with new material and content like videos, and infographics gave us a chance to create a loyal base of audience.

In time, our process-based digital marketing approach became a standard framework for all our future clients and their campaign.

Later, we moved on with full-on marketing and became a digital partner for all their marketing campaigns.

From TVC ads, newspaper postings, magazines, influencer marketing, and TV shows to other sponsorship, we have been able to provide Vatsalya with quality digital services.

Since our partnership began, Vatsalya has seen exponential growth.

A brilliant startup idea of providing quality fertility services has now helped thousands of couples at an affordable rate in Nepal and expanded good work in three cities for now.

Marketing around "Big Idea"

Digital marketing campaigns that revolve around the concept of the "Big Idea," helps to deliver a transformative and powerful impression that serves as the foundation for successful online marketing campaigns. The "Big Idea" paired with an emotional marketing approach and channeled properly through social media platforms can give you exceptional results as we got with Vatsalya.

Likewise, working around a campaign slogan like "सम्भव छ" enabled us to craft compelling narratives, leverage emerging technologies, and tap into the ever-evolving digital landscape to deliver personalized and immersive experiences to consumers.

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