5 Strategic Benefits of Internal Marketing

2023-04-24 3154


Internal Marketing is one of the most crucial variants of marketing yet often overlooked by small and medium organizations. It involves treating the employees of your company as ‘internal customers’, clearly making a distinction between them and the ‘external customers’ who buy and engage with your product or service in the marketplace. The idea is to align the employees of your organization with the vision and objectives of your organization, as passionately as you would like your consumer base to be, so as to develop them into the best and most effective custodians & advocates of your brand.

Internal Marketing Strategies has the power to streamline the brand vision of your employees with those of the Founder/CEO. Cohesion in organizational objectives at all levels of the hierarchy with regard to what and how your brand should create the overall customer experience is very important as research suggests that potential customers delay or completely give up on their purchase decision, mostly because they were unhappy with the employee attitude which ruined their customer experience. A customer lost is an opportunity lost to build a robust customer base and negatively impacts brand conversions in the long run.

Big companies like Google, Apple, Facebook etc., aggressively engage their Human Resource (HR) department to plan, design and execute training modules & incentives so that the employees working in their organizations become the best and most effective advocates of their brand’s values and goals to optimize the customer experience leading to better sales and profitability. Although, relatively smaller companies tend to lack the resources and planning required to design efficient Internal Marketing strategies, but that does not mean they should pay no mind to it. Any organization that ignores Internal Marketing would do so at their own peril.

Now, let’s look at 5 strategic benefits of Internal Marketing Ideas:

1. Encourages employees in every department to perform better:

Synergy in clearly-defined goals an organization wants to achieve ensures that all employees performing various business functions are all on the same page which streamlines the business activities of all the departments leading to better employee performance.

2. Places value on the employees’ contribution to the company:

Internal Marketing allows for responsibility and accountability to be placed on the efforts of the employees, which obviously are all aimed at achieving common organizational goals. This ensures that the employees feel a part of the common cause encouraging them to put in their best at all times and in all situations.

3. Helps non-marketing staff to do their jobs with a marketing focus in mind:

Not all talent in an organization is geared towards achieving the marketing objectives as they may be engaged in administration, technical or IT processes. A good Internal Marketing plan will then enable these non-marketing staff to execute their duties from a marketing perspective without them actually having a deep understanding of the marketing goals of the company and actively being aware of it.

4. Improves employee development and customer retention:

Any talent that joins a company is keenly interested in how the organization can contribute to their own professional development as they keep plugging at their jobs. Internal Marketing can be leveraged for the same by helping in the skills-acquiring process of the employees which would augur well for their career advancement. This would provide the requisite motivation for the staff to deliver a better customer experience at any given moment leading to more conversions and customer retention.

5. Development of employees as Brand Advocates:

Caring for the brand and nurturing its development is critical for the success of any brand. Therefore, the perfect alignment of brand objectives that can be achieved across the board in a company via Internal Marketing cannot be stressed upon enough. All employees when armed with a common brand objective ensures the development of ‘internal customers’ as efficient Brand Advocates who are deeply connected with the values of the brand and ensure brand sanctity at all points in time. 

Any company can implement an Internal Marketing environment. Even the smallest of businesses will want to train employees to project the vision and goals of the business. Aligning the attitudes of employees with the mission of the business is crucial for any company that wants to engage with their customers.

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