Video Marketing Strategies for Better Results

2023-04-24 2997


Marketing has always been challenging as customers needs and wants keep changing. The trends of marketing which were successful in the past might not be of any use at the present. Marketers hence need to keep their eyes open to observe what’s selling in the market.

In the current scenario, digital marketing has spread its wings with the increase in the penetration of technology and easy availability of smart phones. People keep searching for information online, rather than referring to the traditional mediums. Websites, Social Medias and other directories or Forums have become an important place to established presence.

As we take the scenario of Nepal into consideration, almost all mobile users having internet access surf Facebook every day.  YouTube is other platform where they land for the videos.

Some of the major factors contributing to popularity of Videos are:

  • In forms of stories and accurately illustrates the company’s mission and purpose.
  • One-minute Video has impacts equivalent to 1.8 million words
  • Information retention increases by up to 65 % when supported by engaging video
  • Organic engagement for Videos on Facebook is higher compared to other types of posts.
  • The use of videos has been found to increase the CTR by up to 27%
  • Video is an SEO goldmine that helps to build backlinks to site and increase likes and shares along with driving traffic to the website.

So, what is Video Marketing? Is it limited to TVC or some well scripted professional videos?

Don’t confuse yourself with Video Marketing as some obscure, complicated and expensive output. It can be as simple as shooting video with a mobile phone comprising of music and company’s logo. Hence, it’s just an act of incorporating video in the marketing strategy to help increase brand recognition and awareness. These videos can be of Different Types

  • Company Profile/Branded Videos
  • How-to-Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Live Videos
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Animated Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • 360° or VR Videos

These are few popular video types. There can be other different types of videos too but what makes them interesting is the major question. Only creating a video is not enough. Here are some major tips for creating impactful engaging videos.

1. Allocate Resources

A good video creation can take a lot of effort. It hence needs a proper budgeting all along with equipment for taking videos, recording sounds, mixing, editing etc. Try to use familiar faces in the video so that people are keen to see them. It might be celebrity or someone from the company who has good reputation in the market.

2. Tell Your Stories

Brands that communicate information in the form of stories have great chances of retention for longer and can hold audiences to watch the complete video. So, decide on what do you want to tell your customers and in which way. It can be well rehearsed or scripted to make a proper short story. 

The internet is full of videos where people talk about sales. So, don’t focus on sales, keep the video centered to story. Same should be followed in other written form of communication too to stand out of the crowd.

3. Engage

It’s a great challenge to keep the audience engaged. Determine on what sort of stories are engaging and which way people would be receiving better. The first few seconds determine whether the user will continue watching the video or not. So keep it informative and give enough reasons for them to continue further.

4. Keep It short

Try to keep the stories as short as possible. Apart from TV shows, other forms of videos haven’t shown engagement higher for longer form of videos.

5. Include Humor in the Video

Humor and emotions might be surprising, but videos that are downright funny can help with ad recall and brand awareness. Humans are designed to remember an encounter that sparks an emotional reaction, whether that’s fear, enjoyment, or humor.

6. Publish Videos Optimized for SEO

Place the video with back links to get the customers visit the website. Video sitemaps are also equally important. When it comes to video SEO, descriptions are everything. Why? Well, descriptions allow Google’s search spiders to make sense of your video and understand what the content entail.

So, ensure that your videos are tagged with relevant keywords and fully explained with fleshed out descriptions and unique titles. 

7. Analyze

Use metrices to find out which video is performing well and get clear picture of what the audience require. Use the learnings from different videos for upcoming projects.

A well-executed video marketing strategy will create higher benefits for the marketers. Hence, it should be well planned so that it creates a greater impact on the minds of customers remain on the top-of-the-mind.

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