5 Mistakes to Avoid During Facebook Optimization

2023-04-24 2996

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According to the analysts, Facebook is one of the most sought-after ad platforms digitally. 3 out of 4 advertisers would certainly want to include Facebook in their digital marketing lists as people spend a considerable amount time daily on the platform. But many advertisers are worried about the decreasing amount of results and increasing cost per result and hence keep focusing on rigorous ad optimized techniques. Sometimes they fail to notice that what they actually think can benefit them in their optimization efforts.

1. Selecting Wrong Campaign Objective

Selecting the right objective is necessary for obtaining the right result otherwise one will end-up spending for wrong set of customers. There are different objectives like if one wants engagement with their post or just the brand awareness or generate leads or drive customers to websites or apps. Generally, beginners just click on the boost button and create ads to target some set of people they think are relevant. One should however use the Ad Manager tool to target the customers using different parameters and right set of targeting.

When it comes to generating leads people often choose the on-platform lead generation tool which is in fact generating leads but not helping you to actually segregate between the quality customers and just for fun audiences. Choosing for conversions rather with right set of Facebook pixel integrated can give better understanding about the customers and help to develop campaigns which are actually working for the profitability of the business. 

2. Focusing Directly on the Solution

Most of the time, we find ads which are directly selling products or services. It is obvious that we would never be interested to buy from a place which we have seen for the first time. Hence, it's important to follow the cycle of educate, engage and transact for the customers.

Storytelling, providing contents what customers would actually like to see and engaging and slowly converting them to a loyal customer is how Facebook Marketing works. There are several competitors in the market and all have similar thing to offer. This is where the brand gets a cutting-edge advantage if it gives the buyers a story that they can relate to themselves.

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3. Targeting Audience/Placements too Broad

Targeting Audiences too broadly at the beginning of the campaign might be helpful to find out a vast number of customers who would likely engage but it should even not reach people beyond the scope of the product/service. The audience should be further narrowed based on what is performing.

It can also be a great idea to build the audience from the email ids that we can collected from the actual clients by uploading them to Facebook and building Look Alike Audience.

The look-alike audiences give more opportunities to find customers more likely to convert.

Some people leave audience too broad to reach maximum people but this is only helping Facebook, not the brand as such audience will exhaust the budget but not yield result.

Similarly, automatic targeting with low cost per click also might hamper the brand. For e.g. the maximum views are being generated from Facebook Stories but there is no conversion and some conversions with higher cost per click is obtained from Facebook Newsfeed. In that case Facebook will keep directing more ad towards the stories as they are cheaper in Cost per click. Hence, our objectives get hampered.

4. Optimizing Ads too often

Some people forget to return to ads once created. This might show ads to people more often who are actually not interested and increase cost. They might even flag or report the ad which would seriously hurt the campaign so optimizing ads is necessary. It is often said to create multiple variants of ads at first and test which one actually performs and increase budget for that particular one.

Based on the conversion tracking, people at different stages of purchase funnel can be targeted with similar line of communication as the first ad.

But one shouldn’t even focus on optimizing too often as it might reset the statistics and send ad to learning phase.

5. Focusing on Cost per lead to ROI

Many people are focusing simply on cost per leads and trying harder to reduce the cost of the same. For this one should focus on the design attractiveness, communication line and story behind. It makes sense to work on cost per click if we have no sales associated, but as sales is associated one must measure what is invested and how much return is made.

If campaign x has $10 as cost per lead and campaign y has $15 as cost per lead, advertisers think to pause campaign y although x is generating Rs. 50000 and B is developing Rs 80000 per lead.

Besides, people use same creative across all types of platform where Facebook Ads are shown. But content can give a better result only when the right dimensions for right platform is used. One should be careful enough to eliminate platforms that are not yielding result and choose only those that work.

As a Facebook marketer one should be updated with the changes Facebook bring from time to time and follow them seriously for the better results. 

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