Content Writing Strategy for 2020

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Content Writing Strategy 2020


Video marketing, social media marketing, & SEO all require content plan firstly to strategize the exact tone and structure of the content to put across the intended message. Companies used content strategy abruptly with keywords stuffing and placement in the past years. Search engines like Google, Yahoo have started treating keywords in a more humane way for simplicity.

The common question today is how is content writing essential for marketing strategies? Content marketing is a method of marketing that involves creating and sharing of videos, blogs and social media posts to not necessarily promote a brand but intended to stimulate interest in its features offering products or services. To complement the same, contents that are present in all properties of communication needs to be strategized in a manner which not only talks to the readers/viewers but also simplifies understanding for the technical bots or search engine crawlers that visit.

To explore on few effective ways of content writing to enhance marketing strategies for the upcoming year, below are top 5 ways to achieve best contents:

TOP 5 Content Writing Strategy in 2020:

1. Keywords in topic to be placed first

Keyword, which is of utmost importance and is directly relatable to your topic of the content body, needs to appear as the first word as your heading. The keywords need not be placed everywhere but importantly on the Header or the topic of the content. This plays a significant role to describe the reader what the content is all about. On the other hand, it also helps the technical bots to read through, store information and correlate as search results based on the weightage of the keyword placement.

Focus on Keyword on Header

Keyword Length Distribution

2. H2 should link to H1

Header Tags, that define the various levels of Headers, range from H1 to H6. The most important Header Tag H1 should be structured with the most important keyword. Accordingly, the H2 tag should always supplement the H1 tag. Whichever topic the content is based upon, the Header 2 should always have the same keywords enlightening the topic further. For eg., if a content has the topic as Video Marketing Strategies, the H2 should have Types/Methods/Ways of Video Marketing Strategies to easily relate to the ultimate topic.

Compliment H1 to H2 tags

3. Refer Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a free Google ads tool for new or experienced advertisers to refer the discovery of associated keywords to the main header while planning. Keywords that are of the trending nature and the frequency of its searches for ideas can be extracted easily. This will help an article writer or the content marketing agency to pick out the most effective keywords to be used during writing of the content.

Google Keyword Planner4. Humanize the Content

People who do visit your webpage should be very comfortable to understand each word describing the matter of the content. Further it means that the simpler the content, the easier for the reader to understand. A situation where a dictionary or thesaurus is required to be referred to while consuming the content should never be the case. The language used to describe the content should have the simplest structure and words for comfortable understanding.

Humanize the Content5. Quality over Quantity

More words need not mean that the content is good. It’s the exact placement of applicable keywords in the most subtle way makes the content crisper. Often to describe a particular topic, lots of words ranging from 1000-3000 words are used, but the consistency in interest creation in readership is not considered increasing the bounce rate. Hence, quality of the content should be considered weightier than quantity.

Quality over Quantity

There are more content writing strategies that needs to be taken into account while developing a website, online or digital content for a marketer. Professional content writers who provide keyword farming, copy writing and copy proofing services should be approached for the best of content generation. You can always get in touch with us to provide the best of content writing.

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